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  • While COVID-19 presented us with necessary safety restrictions at the start of the year, we resumed our summer lunches as soon as it was safe to do so. At Central Precast, free lunches in the summe

  • Central Precast has launched a new precast concrete stock item called Lok Block. The block, measuring 610mm x 1220mm x 610mm (2’ x 4’ x 2’), is an affordable, easy solution for commercial and resid

  • The front of your home is your first impression so it's worth investing in. You'll boost curb appeal, increase the property value and extend your living space. Here are three landscaping upgrades y

  • An outdoor dining area, a kitchen in your backyard, a BBQ, a bar – there are plenty of ways to turn your outdoor space into the go-to spot for summer family gatherings. We all know that food brings

  • Whether you have a large or small area, installing an outdoor pool in your backyard is an excellent way to create a welcoming oasis for family and guests. When you add a lounge area as well, you ta

  • Central Precast’s knowledge and history in the architectural landscape industry goes way back to the start of the 80’s, where it was once a leading manufacturer. Central Precast was one of the firs