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  • Modular buildings are growing in popularity for construction projects. It’s no surprise, since precast concrete provides many benefits in terms of durability, sustainability and aesthetics. Modular

  • As we transition from Phase 2 to Phase 3 in Ontario, businesses are keen to reopen. Customers are equally keen to support local restaurants and shops, and get out and about. Obviously we need to do

  • When it comes to your backyard reno, a fireplace is a stunning addition. Not only does it provide the practicality of a warm place to gather or cook food, but it can be a landscaping feature in its

  • With summer around the corner, we all want to make the most of our outdoor space. After months of lockdown, that desire is even stronger. This is the ideal time to create the inviting backyard oasi

  • While the dream of creating a beautiful outdoor space is exciting, the reality can seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve never designed one before. We’ve put together FIVE steps to help you desig

  • Come visit our social-distancing-friendly outdoor display and start planning your summer landscaping projects! View the latest Permacon and TechoBloc, Browns, Oaks and Bellitalia landscaping produc